Car Scratch Repair Seattle

Car Scratch Repair Seattle


Car scrapes, scuffs, paint chipping and scratches can wear down the appearance of your vehicle. If these are left untreated and exposed to the elements over time, your car’s finish could worsen over time. PR Reconditioning offers Seattle, WA affordable, reliable and easy car scratch repair.

With our car scratch repair services for Seattle, we will focus on the areas that need repaired and give a flawless finish. We include the important step of car scratch repair with polishing to restore the shine and getting your Seattle vehicle looking good as new. Our car scratch repair services are tailored to your Seattle vehicle.

We offer the Seattle region:

  • Car scratch repair for hoods
  • Car scratch repair for bumpers
  • Car scratch repair for fenders
  • Car scratch repair for doors

Call PR Reconditioning if you are in need of car scratch repair anywhere near Seattle.

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Paint Correction Seattle


Seattle residents can come to us for their paint correction needs for their vehicles.

Paint correction is a process where we restore and rejuvenate the paintwork of your vehicle by eliminating surface imperfections. By having paint correction done for your Seattle vehicle, you can get rid of imperfections that oxidize, dull or haze the surface. These imperfections that we use paint correction for include things like swirl marks, fine scratches, acid rain etching and isolated deep scratches.

Paint correction should be left to experts like us in the Seattle region as we have the confidence needed to carry it out safely and professionally. We provide our paint correction services due to the following on vehicles throughout Seattle:

  • Paint correction for road grime
  • Paint correction due to tree sap
  • Paint correction due to bugs
  • Paint correction due to birds

To learn more about our paint correction services for the Seattle region, call PR Reconditioning today.

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Scratch Removal Seattle


If daily wear has caused your Seattle vehicle to need scratch removal, come to us. We will help restore the pride in your vehicle with our services for scratch removal. These scratches can take away from the overall value and curb appeal of your vehicle in the Seattle region.

From bumpers to hoods, we can provide scratch removal for anything throughout the Seattle region.

We provide Seattle with :

  • Scratch removal for dealerships
  • Scratch removal for body shops
  • Scratch removal for fleet lease companies
  • Scratch removal for personal vehicles

To give your Seattle vehicle new life and have scratch removal cared for, call PR Reconditioning now.

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