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Our mission at PR is to provide industry-leading services to all car, truck, RV, and boat owners at a reasonable price. We are passionate about what we do and we know that we will deliver a high-quality showroom finish to your vehicle.

Our clients don’t just use us one time. We keep our customers and they continue to utilize our services month after month and we know that you will appreciate the product delivered.

My love for this industry started with washing cars in high school, growing up in Washington we always had a chance to see unique vehicles cared for by people who gave so much time to restore and maintain them. I’m proud to carry on this tradition with our modern techniques and services in our community.

Growing up my family had a ’57 Chevy Bel-Air, and a ’66 GMC as project cars which led to me enjoying the process of bringing a car to its full potential. When I see at a scratched, dirty, or unmaintained vehicle I see it for what it can be and not the current condition it’s in. At PR, we strive to bring your vehicle to its full potential.

Auto Detailing Seattle


PR Reconditioning provides auto detailing for the area of Seattle, WA and it’s surrounding communities. With our auto detailing services for the Seattle region, we meticulously clean all doors, side panels, interior components and make it like new when it comes to our interior auto detailing. With our exterior auto detailing for Seattle, we remove all dirt and grime from panels and clean the exterior to make it sparkle again.

We help give your Seattle vehicle the best possible condition with our auto detailing services. Our steps for our auto detailing services for Seattle include:

  • Remove issues through auto detailing
  • Correct issues through auto detailing
  • Protect vehicle through auto detailing
  • Condition vehicle through auto detailing

If you are near Seattle and need professional auto detailing, call PR Reconditioning today.

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